DeWeese-Dye Ditch and Reservoir Company

DeWeese Reservoir Dam built in 1902-1903

1902-Start of Dam Construction 1902 -Crew On Dam
1903-Date on the Dam DeWeese Dam

 1935 Dam additions enlarged the lake for additional water storage

DeWeese Dam Addition DeWeese Dam Addition
DeWeese Dam Addition DeWeese Dam Addition
DeWeese Dam Addition DeWeese Dam Addition

 1999 Dam reconstruction of the top 12 feet

Removing Top 12 Feet - 1999  Restoration  Placing Concrete- 1999  Restoration
Concrete Forms - 1999  Restoration Backhoe on Barge- 1999  Restoration
Backhoe Holding Plug in Dam- 1999  Restoration New Headgage Controls- 1999  Restoration

During the reconstruction of the dam, the contractor was adjusting the 36" headgate by lifting it with the backhoe on the barge and pulled it completely out of the guides.  A plug was cast that would go in the lower end of the pipe and it was attached to a trackhoe and inserted into the pipe , kind of like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike.  You can see the trackhoe at the base of the dam, it sat there for six weeks while a new headgate was cast and installed. 

We were fortunate because in the process we discovered there was a hole in the old gate about the size of a pencil.  Had they not pulled it out and the hole was found at a later date, we would have had to bring equipment back in to replace the gate.